Accentuating Your Voice Mail

Does your voicemail on your cell phone have personality? Why not, it is easy to accentuate your voicemail with cool little sayings that tell the person calling a little bit about your upbeat personality, strength of character and what is important in your life.Accentuating your voicemail is fairly easy, but you might have to practice a few times and perhaps keep working on it until you really like it and then the test, call up a friend and ask them to call you back and then find out if they Read more [...]

Discover How To Leverage Voice Mail To Make More Sales

Productivity and cost efficiency are key drivers for corporations adopting new technologies. While it is hardly new and few can dispute its overall benefit, voice mail is one technology that has greatly reduced the productivity of Business-to-Business sales people and increased cost for their employers. This, however can be fixed. Here's how.No question that trying to engage with a live prospect has become increasingly challenging as voice mail has become ubiquitous. Contrary to what most Read more [...]

Does Voice Mail Hinder or Help Your Business?

The phone can be your friend or your foe depending on how you use it. Does the fear of calling someone make you pray for the voice mail or answering machine to pick up? Do you stumble around when you do get that voice mail?Is leaving that message really worth it if you are getting no response? Are you leaving a compelling enough message to get that call back you so desire?We all have had this happen many times. In fact, I just messed up a voice message today that made me want to kick myself. Read more [...]

The Difference Between An Answering Service and Voice Mail In Clinic Setups

If you are very dependent on your live receptionist to handle calls, then you are not giving sales opportunities the attention that they are due. There are two reasons for this: a.) your staff is not 100% in receiving calls because they have other paper work to do and b.) if you have only a couple of telephone lines and a hundred calls coming in, you will be missing almost 80% at a time. In today's times, patients want instant gratification. They cannot wait for you to answer the phone or even Read more [...]